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So much stigma!

Mental illness is currently affecting over 40 million Americans. Why is it that when we hear the phrase we automatically think the person is suffering from some kind of crazy person disorder? Mental illness is not something to be ashamed of. It is actually something that requires a great deal of strength and resilience to overcome. Mental illness includes conditions such as: anxiety and panic disorders, bipolar disorder, depression, eating disorders, schizophrenia, substance abuse and addiction. As college students aspiring to obtain a degree, most of us have experienced at least one of these disorders mentioned above. Does that make us crazy? Of course it doesn’t, but somehow mental illness has this crazy stigma. You really believe that our three pound brains are able to handle all of the struggles in life without breaking down? I think not. There are CEO’s and politicians experiencing some form of mental illness and yet they still manage to be extremely successful. Celebrities such as Chrissy Teigen, Kid Cudi, and Kendall Jenner have come forward about their mental health issues. All of these influential artists have come forward unashamed, as they should. It’s time for everyone to get on board. Mental illness does not mean you are crazy.

An interesting article on the matter: Mental Illness & Stigma

An intense video: Stronger Than Stigma

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Maybe she’s born with it…

Or maybe it’s environmental? For decades, there has been the debate on whether or not mental illness is hereditary or environmental. With years of research, there is substantial proof that both factors contribute. Mental illness can genetically run in your family or you can develop it over time. Luckily, even if it runs in your family, you are not guaranteed to experience it. Now will your fun family tree make it harder to fight mental illness? That may or may not be the case. Be aware however, the hereditary and environmental causes work hand in hand. If a certain disorder runs in your family, you want to make sure to avoid environmental triggers for this condition. That means avoiding physical and emotional abuse, substance abuse, and an unhealthy lifestyle. Taking these precautions will ensure that the illness running in your family is not activated. Regardless, I feel that the overall goal for us as human beings is to live a long, happy, and healthy life. So even if mental illness isn’t something running in your family, it’s always good to take all the necessary steps to live a physically and mentally healthy life.

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Did you have 15 minutes of free time? Here’s a video on a young man who questioned if mental illness ran in his family: Did I Inherit Mental Illness?



What we don’t know.

A lot of us have witnessed that group of teenagers laughing at the homeless woman cuddled up in front of the Circle K with her little brown paper bag. We have all, at some point, judged the severely underweight gentleman in front of us who incessantly clawed at his arms. But have we ever stopped to think, “Maybe, they’re suffering on the inside?” The National Bureau of Economic Research has discovered that mental health disorder patients are responsible for over 30% of alcohol consumption, over 40% of cocaine consumption, and an additional 40% of cigarette usage. Addicts are not only struggling with the physical craving for these substances, they are also struggling with the battle within their minds. When living with a mental health disorder, positive outcomes become nearly impossible to imagine, and even more unfeasible to attain. One bad decision after another and now there’s no one and nothing than can help you. Well, that’s all except the magical needle in your hand of course. Or how about your friend, the Pinot Noir, cooling in the fridge. It’s time we stop looking down at substance abusers and we start sympathizing. Imagine battling your negative mind, an incredibly addictive substance, and society, all at once. Could you handle it?

If you, or someone you know, is struggling with the combination of substance abuse and mental illness: Get Help

A strong young woman’s testimony on her mental health struggles and addiction (WARNING: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE- PLEASE BE ADVISED): Drug Addiction + Mental Illness



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